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Valued colleague.

We are very excited about offering courses in the Civic Leadership Academy. This leadership training courses was originally offered to anyone in leadership or supervisory positions, but in today's market, education is success for all. This is not a lecture focused course, it is a practical applications course with focus on developing individual and confidential leadership plans. We will spend some time developing sub sessions, scenarios, identifying internal and external obstacles and how to tackle each obstacle. The great thing about this training course is that it is the most developed interactive leadership program for 2022.

Everyone, yes, everyone who participated in this course has started to like their experiences as well as the rewarding nature of what we do in this training course. If you’re a new, steady, or ambitious leader, we’ll help you navigate through obstacles as you prepare to lead from the front while improving the performance of everyone you manage and/or supervise. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Instructor: Jerrod Crockett

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