United Forces International Organization (UFIO) declares war on scamers implying their association with the United Nations to get credibility ...

Recognition is vital for the human being, to be social and connected, it provides a certain strength and stability, the impression of belonging to the group.

Recognition confirms our value, our belonging to the group, we feel worthy of interest, this influences self-confidence.

If the search for recognition becomes "too present a need", it is the sign of an "inner imbalance" ...

Unfortunately, some "malicious" people exploit this lucrative market and this human weakness by selling dreams and meaningless false titles.

These scamers even manage to enlist highly educated people (whose self-esteem is low), granting them imaginary titles and high-level positions that can only in reality be obtained after "long years of hard work". The United Nations does not offer prizes, nor awards, nor certificates

An international mafia of expert scammers, stating their association with the United Nations,  is rampant in the world and excels in the production of false titles of nobilityand certificates. Many of you have them in your contact's list on Facebook and received fake certificates from them.

Before accepting and pay for a title that will only exist "on paper", learn to thoroughly research the organization or person who offered it to you.

Don't lose your reputation for a bogus title of recognition ...

A fraudster cannot exist without the consent of his victim !

UFIO will fight them to the end through awareness and concrete actions !

This is also included organizations using photoshop pictures, internet photos and false information about legal registrations.

For example, if the organization is using a US flag or claiming to be a US organization, or a UN affiliated organization, they better have a legal registration certificate for the UN/ United States or they will be exposed as a potential fraud

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